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Discover new groups and phases of the codycross game where you could explore countless places, all of them with unique Answers and questions that will make us think about the solution needed to overcome the level.

Find all the solutions and Answers of the game Codycross and overcome all levels of the game, a game that takes the world of crosswords to another limit, and that is that when we thought we had seen it all, we have Codycross a game that will make us move forward, learning and having fun in each of the levels and phases that are presented to us.

CodyCross Greece Group 668 Puzzle 1

The secret to good comedy

Pail, receptacle for holding water

A cost, a fee

Olive Oyl’s spinach-loving sweetie

Promise to donate or support a charitable cause

Curved transparent material in a pair of glasses

Scarily supernatural or ghostly

Sets of people with common interests, say music

Visits to multiple patients by doctors and nurses

__ borealis, or girl’s name meaning dawn

Repetitive phrases fans yell at sporting events

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